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For 7 years I was the lead developer for all of the Cesar’s Way, Inc. entities. They include over 10 different sites in all.  The main focus being Cesarsway.com; a combination of a thriving e-commerce business, an encyclopedia of content,  marketing and promotions, video content, and a seamless connection to social media.  As architech of the operation I lead the digital team through daily executions while working with key stakeholders and content sponsors.


Web Developer
Project Manager
UI & UX Designer
Stack developer
E-Commerce Developer
Video Streaming
Online Marketing
Social Media Integration


Web Development
UI & UX Design

“George is one of the most resourceful, hard working and committed people I know. He is a utility player who does whatever it takes to get the job done. As the manager in charge of re-launching the Cesar Millan e-Commerce website, he drove the strategy for SEO and content, oversaw the wireframes and designs and completed all the development work on time and within budget. The new site resulted in significant improvements in traffic, conversion and retention. Anyone would be lucky to have such a talented and passionate person on their team.”

Ryan Ciociola | Sr. Director, Customer Marketing at Mattel

“It was my pleasure to work with George during the most exciting years at Cesar’s Way Inc. George originally managed all of the digital properties and when I took that role, he took on responsibility for video production. He did a fantastic job producing everything from short social videos to complete, broadcast quality DVD programs. He is obsessed with quality, a very talented editor and runs a tight set.”

Dave Rogers | former VP of Cesar's Way, Inc

George has been making quality films and creative videos for close to two decades. When I met him in the early 2000s he was working on short films, longer screenplays and assorted professional freelance work. Furthermore, he also started a film Festival and mentored younger filmmakers. The man has always been focused and only gets better by the year. George Gomez is the real deal.

Mike Sonksen | Writer, Poet, Activist, Your Content Goes Here

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