Successful Video Marketing Is Still About Good Storytelling

In an age where video is king, the medium itself is no guarantee of success any more than hiring an expensive camera crew will result in a good outcome. The key to a good video campaign takes planning, while also taking advantage of the moment. It means being ready to ride the wave while also knowing that quality and care will win out any short-term boost in popularity. Video is about storytelling, and good storytelling is about building trust between you and your audience. Trust creates engagement. And the only way to hold on to that engagement is with good follow through. Before you know it, you have gone further than you ever thought.

This approach allows content creators to work with brands by helping them tell their stories in a way that matter. The long-lasting effect of a good campaign will almost certainly lead to growth. This is no guarantee that you will hit your mark every time, but overall, the follow through is what will carry you to the other side. Good follow through means retelling your story so audiences what to listen. The same way a good comedian does not tell the same joke night after night, video succeeds when it turns into a conversation. You do this by listening to your audience and giving them something new they can hold on to even if they have heard your story before.

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