Whispering the message means you must become a master.

For 12 years I was part of the core team in charge of formulating the essence of the Cesar Millan brand.  Our job was more than just promoting a hit TV show.  Instead, our priority was to give rise to a brand that blurred the lines between TV celebrity and dog guru.  Over the years we succeed to turn a dog behaviorist with humble beginings into a worldwide phenomenon that consisted of book deals, sold-out live shows, a thriving e-commerce business, a line of direct-to-consumer DVDs, and a mega presence in social media.  It did not take long to realize that the voice I was helping to develop with the content I created was changing the dog world forever.

The story of Cesar’s Way, Inc. is the story of what happens when the core mission of a brand takes the time to value good execution of ideas; ideas that have a far-reaching effect on consumers worldwide, resulting on not just promoting a celebrity but a lifestyle.  What started as a temp job to help build spread the word about this up and coming Reality TV celebrity turned into a wonderful oportunity to learn about branding and what it takes to build a worldwide phenomenon that audiences want to love.

First as Head of Development for Cesar Millan, Inc. and then as Director of Video Production for Cesar’s Way, Inc., I always promoted strategy decisions that were based on a holistic approach to the companies’ core mission.  Each year as we build the business I made sure that all copy, images, ads, banners, video, shopping experience, navigation and site layout were founded on a technological infastrure that was flexible enough to adapt to keep up with growth and change while continuing to improve user experience.  This allowed users to navigate through a multiuniverse that promoted connectivity, community, and engagement.  The result became a robust fan base that spend hundred of hours engagement on an ongoing basis surpassing all expectations.  The foundation I built was used for the next 10 years giving birth to a economic boom to the company that produced hundreds of online artilces, a thriving direct to consumer product line, yearly worldwide live tours and workshops, thriving social media channels, and the prefer method for engaging with the Dog Whisperer and Cesar 911 TV shows.  This is how Cesarsway.com became to be known as the WebMD of dog behavior. 

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